We're Glad you're here!

Parkco is an intentionally small architecture firm in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We started our practice in 1996. Since then, we’ve worked with fantastic clients to make beautiful projects. Most of our work is in Northwest Arkansas, but we’ll work anywhere if the project is a good fit. Our work includes residential new construction, additions and remodels, historical renovations and additions, religious facilities, space planning, civic and commercial buildings, clinics, and food service facilities.

We are committed to facilitating an open, inclusive, and honest design experience. We believe that our clients know more than we do about their own needs and dreams. On every project, we listen carefully to our clients and include them in our design process. It’s a relaxed and collaborative approach. We have fun too! Our job is to find the architectural solutions that beautifully and practically fulfill our clients' aspirations. We have three goals, designs that work, designs that are beautiful, and happy clients. We’ve found that if we get the first two right, the third follows right along.

New Homes are a big part of what we do. We've based our practice on the belief that the home is the most fundamental form of human accommodation. That's powerful stuff! We strive to make every home meaningful, functional, and beautiful. We also want each of our home designs to reflect our clients' hopes, dreams, and desires. It's your house. We'll help you get there!

Addition and Remodel work is a specialty of ours. We've had experience working with historically significant homes as well as homes that are only significant to their owners. In every project, we strive to achieve a balanced, integrated, improvement to every home.

Commercial/religious/institutional projects: Parkco is a licensed architecture firm. Our credentials and experience allow us to offer architectural services for commercial, institutional, religious, and development projects.

Collaboration and Solutions: We're always glad to facilitate an interactive design process around a new idea or circumstance. We've helped with design and logistical planning for events. Clients have had us join them to explore land development strategies. Parkco has been on some great teams. We've provided architectural support on projects that began with engineering, landscape or interior design. If you have an idea you'd like to explore, we'd be happy to join you!

Take a look at our work pages to see some examples of projects we've designed with our clients. You may find our journal entries relevant to your design needs. This list of 'IAQ's' is intended to be entertaining, and at least marginally informative!  Contact us any time. We're always glad to consider a new possibility


Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQ's)

Why are you doing this?

Because we believe in the value of good design. Good design improves people's lives. Good design doesn't waste resources.

Parkco Architects, what kind of name is that anyway?

Our corporate name is "Park Company Architects, Incorporated." Early on, we were amused that our clients frequently abbreviated our corporate name to "Park Co." Around that time, our good friend, David, began referring to us as Parkco.  We liked it, so that's the story.

So are you married or siblings or what?

We're both architects, married to each other, partners in our firm. It works for us!

Your website looks like some kind of blog. What's up with that?

I've addressed some of that in our journal. Our practice, projects, and experiences are more than just images of buildings. It's been an adventure. I hope it always will be that way. A journal tells a story that's still unfolding. That form fits this site best.

So how much for a set of plans?

How to say this nicely? That's the wrong question. We emphasize process in our work. The 'set of plans' is the documentation of that process.

Okay then, how much for your 'process?'

It's hard to give a short answer. Here's a really good description of how one architect describes how architects charge for services. His name is Bob Borson. He has a fantastic blog about the "Life of an Architect." I recommend checking it out. Also, Google "architectural fees" to see what's out there. Here's a good resource too. We do our best to design our fee and scope of services to meet the particular needs of each project. Some projects are more complex, some are very simple. We're not motivated to be the cheapest architects, but we strive to be an excellent value. Get in touch, we'll discuss your ideas and see where it goes from there!

How long does it take?

It depends on the project. We've turned some projects around very quickly in the past, but we don't brag on our speed records. It benefits the design process for everyone to have enough time to consider options and make good decisions.  For a new house, starting from zero, until beginning construction, you'd probably want to allow about six months. It could take less time; it could also take longer - sometimes, much longer.

I just love that Teutonic Low Country Mansard Nautical Revival style. Can you do that?

Uh, probably? Give us a call, send us some photos and we'll see what we can do.

What's your favorite style?

We're drawn to functional, beautiful designs more than to a particular style or image. We love Craftsman designs, Mid-Century Modern is a lot of fun to play with too. We've done a lot of historically influenced projects, you might describe these as 'traditional.'  Anything that has a regional or vernacular influence is very compelling to us.  We have developed projects that are environmental or circumstantial responses - those projects take form from the forces of site and program. The most important thing in any of our projects, is to develop architectural expression that's functional and beautiful. The particular style is a lower priority to us.

Does Parkco Architects have a style?

Haven't I evaded the style questions enough? Let's just design something you'll love!

So where's the gallery of all the cool stuff your'e working on?

You mean our Instagram page?

Are you green?

Of course.

Yeah, but how green are you?

From the time we started our firm, we've dedicated ourselves to sustainable design and building practices. We work to achieve low energy consumption and high ethical standards on every project. We're LEED Green Associates, and frequently work with LEED AP's as team members. We believe in proportion in our work. Sometimes, the difference in an average project and an environmentally responsible one is just a few simple choices. We have had lots of experience with many green technologies. We'll work with you to find the appropriate applications for your project.

Well, I’ve already designed my house. I just need you to draw it up.

If you believe with all your heart that your design can't be improved, then you may be better served by working with a draftsperson than an architect. However, if you have lots of good ideas, love being part of a creative process, and want to participate in the creation of your home, then let's talk! We're glad to help clients develop their ideas. Then we'll "draw it up!"

Shipping containers are awesome and cheap. Can you design my dream home in a metal box or two?

Instead of buying a skinny steel box with a low ceiling, what if we built a slightly larger wooden box with taller ceilings and cozy insulation? It will cost less, require conventional tools to modify, and have more livable proportions.  We could put some shipping labels on it, if you like.

I want a house that will impress my friends. Can you do that?

Let's design something that you'll love.  If you're happy, your friends will appreciate that.

Yes, but I really want everyone to be impressed.

Maybe we're not your architect.

I found a plan on the internet. It's pretty good, but I'd like to modify the kitchen and master bathroom. I'd also like to add a trophy room and a bowling alley in the basement. Then if we flip the whole thing, it'll be perfect. Except I want to change the roof...

Okay. That's not a question, but no.  (maybe yes to the bowling alley.)

What's the smallest thing you'll do?

We'll work at any scale.  Bathroom remodels, cabinet designs, we've done a lot of very small projects. I believe that we bring a lot of value to designs of any scale.

What's the biggest thing you'll do?

We're more interested in depth than size. Can a project be too big to be meaningful? If so, it's probably not the job for us. If your project means a lot to you, that's a good indication that we'll be a good fit. We'll certainly do big projects, but for any size job, let's talk to see if it works for both of us. Homes, schools, religious projects, municipal work, retail, restaurants, offices, multi-family, we're up for anything.

Are these questions real or something you just made up?

Of course!

We've never worked with an architect before. We don't even know where to start. How do we do this?

Most of our clients have never worked with an architect. Most have never built a project. That is not a problem! Give us a call. We'll begin a conversation and schedule a time to meet. There's nothing mysterious about it! We'll ask questions, you'll know the answers. The whole process will flow from there.

What's this about dream projects?

There are some projects that we dream of doing someday. Maybe more than once. Maybe you're looking for an architect who really wants to design something like this.  Maybe we should meet. We've also embarked upon a project and realized that it is dreamy. We do a lot of dreaming around here. We're lucky. Lots of dreams come true.

What is the actual frequency (or infrequency) of these 'asked' questions?

Some are actually fairly frequent, but the infrequent ones are much better. I didn't want to disqualify the infrequently asked questions on the basis of how often they're asked. Furthermore, the ones that I make up are the very best. But to have three categories of questions would be unwieldy. So the answer to your question is that 'infrequently asked,' being somewhere between 'frequently asked' and 'never actually asked,' seems a suitable middle ground. Sometimes, someone asks these questions.