Again to Begin

I think it's easier to start for the first time. Beginning again is tough. Our first Parkco website launched in 2007.  It doesn't seem so long ago. We had been in business for about twelve years. Simply having a site back then was a big deal. Most of the architects I knew didn't. There were plenty of stories of firms spending thousands of dollars to have consultants build their websites, only to have them never actually work. We just decided to build our own. It worked. It worked tirelessly. It thrived on neglect. It represented us just as we asked it to.

The old site and the old logo... 

The old site and the old logo... 

Time passed and we began to feel that our trusty site was wearing out. Expectations changed. Most people want a site to function on phones and tablets as well as on their desktop.  Our old site couldn't meet that standard.

A little over a year ago, we began work on a new identity for our firm.  We've had some fantastic help this time.  I'll dedicate a journal entry to this soon. The work has resulted in a new mark, new communication tools and an identity that represents us better.

We've launched this new site and we're really excited about it. It hasn't been easy imagining ourselves in a different frame, but we've had terrific support. It's been great to be on the receiving end of wonderful service.  Now we're ready to share images of our new work and the stories behind these projects.

This site is designed to grow incrementally.  We're never going to call it finished. We're going to just keep adding to the story. You'll have to come back to see what's new.