Lincoln Public Library


In 2009, we were asked to interview with the Librarian and a City Council member from Lincoln, Arkansas. From that meeting we learned that Lincoln had the most active circulation of any library in the regional library system. We also learned that Lincoln Public Library had an average of over 250 users per day. The old library building was a converted mercantile storefront on the town square. It was packed to the rafters with books. When it rained, water ran in through the back door.  The library was an important piece of the life of the town, and it deserved to be improved. Sensing the opportunity to invest in the town's future, the city hired Parkco to explore locations for a new building. After considering many options, we decided to demolish the existing library building and an adjacent building (both were crumbling and beyond repair) and build a new building on the existing site.

The new library has served Lincoln and the surrounding community since the spring of 2014.  The opportunity to work with the CIty of Lincoln was an honor for Parkco. We love this library!


  • 10,000 s.f. of library action!
  • Demonstration kitchen for nutrition programs.
  • All state-of-the-art technology
  • Library overlooks Lincoln Town Square.
  • Go visit the Lincoln Apple Festival in October (the apple turnovers are fantastic!).
  • Two public meeting rooms.
  • Central atrium above the circulation desk brings natural light into the center of the library.
  • Drive-in sally port for mobile book service.
  • Geneaology, Childrens, Tech Service, General Collection, Media Collection, it's all here.
  • Lincoln, Arkansas invests in its own future!
An investment in Lincoln's Future