Mountain North

The house was originally built in 1902. During its life, it endured various additions and remodels.  Around 2000, we had the opportunity to do a comprehensive renovation and addition to get all of the parts working together as they should.


  • The third floor once accommodated a fraternity.
  • 120 year old footprints of a tiny child are in the concrete of the basement.
  • We designed a side entry door, only to discover that there had been a door in that location originally.
  • This home has a dumbwaiter.
  • Light oil finish on original pocket doors.
  • Triple-hung windows in sunroom - fancy!
  • Blue porch ceiling may discourage wasp nests.
  • This house is ready for the next 120 years!
  • Exterior paint palette recommended by historical color consultant.
  • Build it right, and it will last for generations.
2 W Mt Nord-5.jpg

You can't make a new old thing.

Out West

How do you capture a big view and protect the home from the evening sun? Our clients wanted to improve their home's image, create open social space, and find a way to enjoy a big winter vista through the trees across the road. Adding a big friendly porch out west was the answer. The new porch and remodeled interiors work together to transform the home.


  • The house was noble but nondescript.
  • The porch transforms the home's image.
  • Steel columns support the wood ceiling.
  • Concrete foundation blocks serve as seating and a place to rest refreshments.
  • New kitchen for preparing porch-time refreshments (along with occasional other meals too).
  • Low awning windows don't obstruct the view.
  • The Renovation improved energy efficiency.
  • Friendly porches improve neighborhood morale.
  • The remodeled open plan provides views from living, kitchen, and dining.
  • The orange door signals that fantastic people live here!

A front porch for living...


...transforms the image.