A growing family loves their small house and neighborhood. By adding a second floor, we created a place for four children's bedrooms.  This made room on the first floor to reimagine most of the space, add a garage and screened porch, and transform the experience of the home.



  • The house fits the neighborhood.
  • Screened porch is a living room.
  • Kitchen is the heart of the home.
  • The old house is still part of the new design.
  • Second floor provided unexpected views.
  • Bathrooms for everyone!
  • Super-functional drop-zone mudroom.
  • Enough space for small tipi in the living room.
  • Sunlight through new kitchen windows inspires joy.
  • Good design improves daily life for people.
20160902-lewis-11 2.jpg

A small tipi

looks great in the living room!