Lucky Star Farm Chapter One: The Cabarn

In 2005, following Huricaine Katrina, our friends from 422 N. Washington moved to Arkansas from New Orleans to be near this land. Washington Avenue was going to be their in-town Fayetteville home. This was going to be the getaway, a place to enjoy nature and to cultivate a big organic garden. Over the following dozen years, a lot has changed. Lucky Star Farm is now their primary home. The Fayetteville home is in the loving hands of a new owner. This is the first chapter of Lucky Star Farm, The Cabarn.


  • Cabin + Barn = Cabarn.  Get it?
  • The first floor was for the tractor and tools.
  • The upper floor was for fine living.
  • The cabarn is built of SIPs.
  • Passive solar design - it really works!
  • Passive convective cooling - it really works too!
  • Views to the south of gardens and mountains.
  • Views to the north of woods and creek.
  • Zinc mines nearby with ghosts.
  • Stay tuned for Chapter 2: "The Sheddio."

At the boundary...

woods and meadow, mountain and sky, earth and water.