The Checklist:

√  Screened Porch

√  Maker Shop

√  Canoe and Kayak Storage

√  Studio

√  Outdoor kitchen

√  Office

√  Garden Produce Processing Station

√  Rainwater Collection

√  Tractor Shed

√ Root Cellar

For some, there's the house. Then there's the pool. A pool house completes the picture.  For some, there's the house. Then a big garden. A tractor follows.  Soon comes fresh produce. Don't forget the chickens, goats, and bees. These all need implements. Where does the produce go for storage? Where does the tractor sleep at night? What about the beekeeper's smoke can, where does that go? It all needs a place. And then there's the canoe, kayak, and camping gear. And what about a place to plan what happens next? There's a place for it all here. It'll be a lot of work, so the screened porch will be a nice spot to have a cool drink after a long day. A pool house is not for this family. This family gets a workhouse. 

I'll post more as this one moves along.  It's a fine workhouse.