We're Parkco.


We began our practice in 1996 with a commitment to provide an open, inclusive, and honest design approach. Since then, we've learned to listen carefully and facilitate a process that results in consistently successful designs. We believe that our clients know more about their needs, desires, and dreams than we do. Our job is to find the architectural solutions that function beautifully. We have three goals, designs that work, designs that are beautiful, and happy clients. We’ve found that if we get the first two right, the third will surely follow. 

New homes are always exciting projects. We've based our practice on the belief that the home is the most fundamental form of human accommodation. Architecturally, that's very powerful. We strive to make every home meaningful, functional, and beautiful. We also want each of our home designs to reflect the hopes, dreams, and desires of the client. It's your house. We'll help you make it a reality. 

Addition and remodel work is a specialty of ours. We've had experience working with historically significant homes as well as homes that are only significant to their owners. In every project, we strive to achieve a balanced, integrated, improvement to every home. 

Commercial/religious/institutional projects: Parkco is a fully-licensed architecture firm. Our credentials and experience allow us to offer architectural services for commercial, institutional, religious, and development projects. 

Over time, opportunities have arisen that have expanded our range of services. Talk to us if you feel that we can be helpful to you in a way that may seem unusual. Some examples of these related services are: 

• Space planning 
• Landscape design consulting 
• Furniture and Cabinet Design 
• Color Consulting 
• Interior Design Consultation 
• Lighting Design 
• Project Conceptualization 
• Project Programming 
• Concept Critique and Refinement 
• Design Review 
• Event planning and logistics 
• Public presentations 
• Permit and variance procurement 

We're always glad to facilitate an interactive design process around a new idea or circumstance. 

Take a look at our
 work pages to see some examples of projects we've designed with our clients. You may also find our blog entries relevant to your design needs.